St Mary Shawbury – interview on Radio Shropshire


Kate Tebby came to the church on Thursday 4th May and interviewed the Revd Andy Smith, Anne Netherwood and Richard Nash about the project.  Kate was interested in the extra work we had to do, which increased the construction cost.   We told her that once the scaffolding was erected. we could see that much of the stonework was flaking and loose.  It was a health and safety issue as pieces of stone falling down could have injured passers by.   And then, the week that the contractors started on site, a tornado tore through Shawbury. It demolished two trees in the churchyard, and made a hole below the stone parapet coping above the east wall.  Water was pouring down the east window inside  the church.   We had to do a great deal of extra stonework repair work, and we had to take all the parapet stones off and pin them back again.

Kate’s interview was broadcast on Radio Shropshire on Sunday 7th May at 7.37 am on the Ryan Kennedy show.

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